CEO & Management Roundtables

Connecting Executives & Creating Business Success

The CEO & Management Roundtable program provides opportunities for business owners, CEOs and senior level employees to come together on a monthly basis to tackle the tough issues facing businesses in today’s marketplace. Structured discussions allow participants to share best practices and discuss key issues affecting their businesses in a confidential setting.

Table Types

  • CEO/President/Owner/Non-Profit Executive Directors
  • Manufacturing Executives (Presidents, CEOs, VPs, COOs, Executive Leadership, etc.)
  • Executive/Senior Leadership (COO, VP, Non-Profit Executive Directors, General Manager, Executive/Senior Leaders, Directors, etc.)
  • Finance/Accounting (Controllers, CFOs, VPs or Treasurers)
  • Sales Leadership (VPs of Sales, Sales Managers, Directors, etc. with a focus on Sales Team leadership and goals)
  • Human Resources (HR Managers, Directors, Generalists, VPs, and Talent Acquisition)
  • Marketing (Marketing Managers, Directors, VPs, etc.)
  • Sales and Business Development (Individuals in any Sales or Business Development capacity. This group focuses on both business strategy and sharing of leads/referrals)
  • NexGen (Business professionals 35 years of age or younger)
  • Diversity Executives (CDOs, VPs of DEI, CEOs/Owners with DEI Leadership)
  • Diversity Practitioners (HR and Organizational Management roles with responsibility for DEI)


Enrollment is ongoing, and participants are placed throughout the year. Priority will be given in the order the application is received. Placements are not guaranteed and are made based on table and industry seat availability.

Application Requirements

Interested in Getting Involved?

Please reach out to:

Jenny Waugh

Vice President of Economic Growth

What Members Say

Angela Varga

Business Development Specialist, Samaritas Senior Living

I became a hero with my corporate office and local HR department when I told them about the Davenport University discount. We had six employees take advantage of the benefit in the first two weeks!

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