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Family Business Alliance

Family Business Alliance

Working with family has its own unique challenges. Untangling what’s business and what’s family for the good of both is one of the greatest challenges of family enterprise. Family Business Alliance is here to help. 

FBA works to keep family businesses vibrant, strong, and contributing to our community. The Family Business Alliance seeks to preserve our unique culture of family driven organizations and advance the succession rate of family business organizations in West Michigan.

Opportunity Resource Fund A Catalyst for Michigan Communities

Opportunity Resource Fund

Opportunity Resource Fund provides loans to create equitable, economic and sustainable opportunities throughout Michigan – one person, one job, one home at a time. OppFund is a catalyst for positive change, be it funding affordable housing, enabling job creation, supporting small businesses, providing affordable mortgages, or funding the development of great commercial spaces. 

SCORE For the life of your business

SCORE Grand Rapids

Located inside the Grand Rapids Chamber’s office, SCORE Grand Rapids offers business training and educational resources to help you start and grow your small business. In-person and online workshops are tailored to entrepreneurs at every stage of their business journey. Experienced volunteer mentors provide experienced advice, consulting on best practices, and small business education to help your small business thrive. 

Silent Observer West Michigan

Silent Observer

Since 1972, Silent Observer has remained committed to its mission to solve and prevent serious crime in the Greater Grand Rapids area in partnership with citizens, the media, and law enforcement.