Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

The Grand Rapids Chamber is dedicated to supporting your business’s growth. With a team of subject matter experts committed to your success, we work to provide you with the resources and community you need to thrive in the Grand Rapids business ecosystem. 

Ecosystem Navigators

Our Ecosystem Navigators are here to assist you in understanding and accessing the resources available in the Grand Rapids business community. Whether you’re a startup or an established business, our Navigators can help you find the right connections, programs, and opportunities to support your growth. Contact Jenny Waugh for more information. 

Consulting with Small Businesses

We offer expert consulting services to small businesses in Grand Rapids. Our team of experienced consultants can provide guidance and support in various areas, including business planning, marketing, finance, operations, and more. Whether you need help with specific challenges or overall business strategy, our consultants are here to assist you. Contact Jenny Waugh for more information. 

Latina Connect attendees

Spanish Language Services

At the Grand Rapids Chamber, we understand the importance of serving our diverse community. To ensure accessibility, we offer all our services in Spanish as well. Our Ecosystem Navigators and consulting services are available in Spanish to cater to the needs of Spanish-speaking businesses. Contact us for assistance in Spanish or to request language accommodations. 

Government Affairs

Navigating the realm of government regulations and policies can be complex for businesses. Our Government Affairs team provides guidance and support in dealing with government agencies at the local, state, and federal levels. Our experts can help you understand and comply with licensing requirements, permits, zoning regulations, and other legal obligations. We can also provide advocacy and representation on legislative matters affecting your business. Contact Joshua Lunger, Vice President of Government Affairs, for more information. 

Downtown Retail Specialist

If you are considering opening a business in downtown Grand Rapids, we provide access to a dedicated Retail, Retention and Attraction Specialist. This specialist is highly knowledgeable about the unique opportunities and challenges associated with downtown retail establishments and can offer valuable insights and guidance specific to your business’s location, target market, foot traffic, and more. Contact Rich App for more information. 

Business Growth Programming

We offer programs designed to foster growth and development among specific groups of businesses. These programs provide a supportive community and specialized resources. Some of our business growth programs include: 

Business Growth Workshops

Our Business Growth Series is a comprehensive program that covers various aspects of business growth and expansion. It includes workshops, seminars, and networking events led by industry experts. Topics covered may include marketing strategies, financial management, scaling operations, and more.

ELEVATE Minority Business

This program is specifically designed to support and empower minority-owned businesses. Through mentorship, workshops, networking opportunities, and access to capital, ELEVATE aims to accelerate the growth and success of minority entrepreneurs in Grand Rapids.

West Michigan Minority Contractors Program

This program focuses on providing resources and support to minority contractors in the construction industry. It offers training, assistance with certifications, access to bidding opportunities, and networking with key stakeholders in the construction sector.

Access to Capital and Financing

We understand that access to capital is crucial for business growth and success. We can connect you to resources and support for obtaining funding. Our services include: 

Cash Flow Management

Our experts can help you analyze and optimize your cash flow to ensure your business has the necessary liquidity to operate effectively and pursue growth opportunities.

Understanding Credit

We provide guidance on building and improving your credit profile, which is essential for securing financing. Our consultants can help you understand credit reports, scores, and strategies for strengthening your creditworthiness.

Traditional Banking Small Business Lending

We can connect you with local banks and financial institutions that offer small business loans. Our network includes lenders experienced in working with businesses in the Grand Rapids area.

Alternative Financing through CDFIs

We have partnerships with Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) that provide alternative financing options, including microloans, grants, and other forms of capital specifically designed to support small businesses and underserved communities.


For any inquiries or to access our services, please contact our Business Growth team. 

Jenny Waugh

Vice President of Economic Growth

Samuel Sanestin

Economic Growth Program Manager