Diversity & Talent Summit: Workshops to Remix DEI

The 2023 Diversity & Talent Summit is just around the corner!

The Chamber is once again excited to offer afternoon workshops at the Summit. This year, each participant will choose two of three workshops to attend. Each workshop will feature hands on DEI solutions and takeaways to bring back to your organization.

Join us Wednesday, April 26 to Remix DEI. Meet our afternoon facilitators and learn more about breakout groups offered in these short videos.


Advancing Inclusion in a Digital Age

Many organizations struggle with their understanding of what makes a digital experience accessible, why accessibility is important, and what steps they can take to make their digital experiences inclusive to all audiences. In this session, the Calder team will draw from our expertise in helping organizations like yours prioritize accessibility and inclusive design to give you a solid path forward in your accessibility journey.


Advancing Inclusion in a Diverse Age

The world is diverse and, increasingly, so are our workplaces. Research shows that individuals interact across differences at work more than in any other place in their lives. What happens when different identities, cultures, and values converge in a work environment? In this session, attendees will explore the concept of identity, and how it influences day-to-day workplace interactions. They will learn strategies for cultivating a culture that values and celebrates diversity, and leave equipped to think creatively to shape systems within their organization to achieve the outcome of inclusion.


Advancing Inclusion in a Divided Age


We are living, growing, and striving to thrive in an increasingly diverse community, world, and nation. Our workspaces are microcosms of our society. In countless instances, the diversity that has the propensity to grow our organizations, and this nation, instead function to divide us — effectively stalling growth and progress. At a time when we are the most [outwardly] polarized, we avoid discussions that make us uncomfortable, especially in the workplace. During this session, we will explore psychological safety as a key lever for building brave spaces that move teams beyond the divide and toward a zone of high performance, innovation, and growth.


Diversity & Talent Summit: Workshops to Remix DEI


Don’t miss your chance to set your organization on a path of success in 2023 and beyond. Register now for the Diversity & Talent Summit!


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