Member Spotlight: Flureshing With Innovation

Member Spotlight: Flureshing With Innovation|Member Spotlight: Flureshing With Innovation 2|Member Spotlight: Flureshing With Innovation 4

Fluresh, the first medical and recreational cannabis dispensary in Grand Rapids, remains a top competitor for cannabis distribution as they enter their fourth year in the city.

It seems that every day now, another dispensary crops up in West Michigan and 10 more billboards appear, advertising the rapidly growing cannabis industry in the region.

Widely known for their innovative products and mission to make cannabis more inclusive to all individuals, Fluresh stays at the top of their game by focusing on intense research and development of their products.

The producer and distributer constantly pushes the envelope of what one might expect when thinking of cannabis, a recent example being when they became the first distributor in the state to release cannabis-infused beverages. These fast-acting drinks made cannabis more accessible to individuals who might need faster relief than most products can provide, appealing to a vast number of individuals that many not find traditional methods of the drug beneficial while further reducing the stigma around the industry.

Fluresh’s mission towards inclusivity encompasses all aspects of their work: business operations, employee development, and community impact, but most notably, their unique and innovative product designs.

“Our customers aren’t one size fits all,” says Nic Hernandez, Provisioning Center Manager at the Grand Rapids facility. “We’re all different shapes and sizes. We want to have products that are designed for the diversity of life.”

Member Spotlight: Flureshing With Innovation 2

Down to the Science

The regional company balances their product line by giving special attention to chemical compounds, otherwise known as cannabinoids, that are contained in each product. Most are familiar with the famous compound THC, which creates the “high” sensation and tends to have intoxicating effects.

Most cannabinoids, however, have non-intoxicating effects. Fluresh incorporates each of these compounds to address several issues, including chronic pain, inflammation, and sleep problems. Without affecting the awareness of the user, these other compounds (CBD, THCA, CBN, and CBG) diversify their product line, appeal to a wider audience, and reduce some of the negative affects for users.

By spanning this wide range of cannabinoids and offering more innovative product types beverages, such as cannabis-infused beverages, soft-gels, dissolving disks, and more, Fluresh has been a major trendsetter for the cannabis industry.

However, Hernandez explains that this mission to develop and produce more diverse products is often an uphill battle.

“Working through the legal red tape has been one of the hardest parts of our industry,” continues Hernandez. “It is encouraging, though, that we’ve been able to pave the way for many Michigan dispensaries to release similar products in the future.”

Member Spotlight: Flureshing With Innovation 4


Flureshing Together

Supporting Fluresh and other members of the cannabis industry is part of the Grand Rapids Chamber’s mission to support a thriving West Michigan for All. With our Government Affairs advocates on your side, the Grand Rapids Chamber is committed to helping organizations across the region overcome obstacles and find success, no matter the industry.


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