Liza Alvarez

Vine Line Produce

About Me

Liza Alvarez is, first and foremost, a mother to two boys, Alex and Daniel, and a grandmother to three grandsons, Emilio, Guillermo, and Santino—her pride and joy. With heritage from Mexico and Puerto Rico, Liza was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI, and has a deep passion for family and community. She is one of 13 children and is active in her church and community, volunteering and supporting organizations that help shine a positive light into the world and that also reflect her Christian faith.

As a West Michigan business leader with over 25 years of experience covering small to mid-size, family owned and private equity businesses in the automotive, fresh foods, and agriculture industries, her business experience includes mergers and acquisitions, performance management, organizational development, change management, employment law, and strategic planning. She is an objective problem-solver and team builder who enjoys networking and thinking outside of the box to troubleshoot and develop real solutions to complex business problems.

Liza has an MBA from Cornerstone University, where she is currently working on her Doctorate degree as well. She considers herself a lifelong learner.