Maria Erazo

Entrepreneur & Founder
Maria Erazo Enterprises

About Me

Maria Erazo is a renowned entrepreneur and founder of Maria Erazo Enterprises, a leading business strategy coaching, book publishing and marketing company since 2013. With a passion for entrepreneurship, Maria also launched her fitness and nutrition brand in 2018 and the “Maria Erazo” podcast, where she shares valuable insights on health, fitness and life topics.

Maria is dedicated to helping people unlock their full potential and achieve their dreams. As such, she hosts “Creators Without Limits,” an annual conference and monthly workshops aimed at developing leadership and entrepreneurship skills for Latinas in West Michigan and beyond.

Maria is also a financial and branding strategist, keynote speaker and author of 7 books. One of her books, In Search of My Father, is an inspirational story of her internal struggles growing up in a family facing immense adversity being separated across international borders, as a child living poor in Mexico while her parents are in the US.

Maria’s work goes beyond the business world. She is committed to helping people gain emotional, physical and financial freedom through team building in marketing and sales. As a result, she trains business owners, entrepreneurs in the West Michigan Hispanic community and clients from around the world.

Maria currently resides in Michigan with her husband and three children. Her mission is to inspire individuals and organizations to leverage their stories and create smart, 51

compelling brands that transform their dreams into reality. Through inspiration, personal development and purposeful connection, Maria Erazo is helping to create a brighter future for all Latinos in the West