Resilience in 2023 – CEO Summit Podcast Series

Resilience in 2023 - CEO Summit Podcast Series

The West Michigan CEO Summit brings together the top business leaders in the region. This year, our team hosted the Comcast Podcast Station and interviewed seven business leaders about how they’re thinking of resilience in their organization. You can listen to them here, or on your favorite podcast app by searching “Back to Business”.

Jen Crowley, Highland Group

Jen Crowley founded Highland Group with her husband in the midst of a layoff, the birth of a child, and a national tragedy. Her story as a business leader is one you won’t want to miss.


Laura Hopson, EM Services, LLC

EM Services is a leader in procurement in West Michigan. President & CEO Laura Hopson discusses what makes a company resilient and how incorporating inclusive principals into her company has set them up for success.


Brad Kessel, Independent Bank

Banking has gone through a lot of challenges in the last few years from the pandemic to inflationary challenges. Brad Kessel, President & CEO of Independent Bank shares how he’s thinking about resilience while he leads Independent Bank.


Dr. Charles Lepper, Grand Rapids Community College

Dr. Charles Lepper recently stepped into the role of President for GRCC. With changing workforce demands, Dr. Lepper has his work cut out for him making sure that GRCC continues to develop the talent our region needs. We had the chance to learn how he’s settling into his new role and how he’s planning for the college’s future.


Peter Marantette, Reserve Wine & Food

The hospitality industry moves fast. Having both a leader and a team that is ready for anything is the best way to bounce back from the challenges that restaurants face. We sat down with Peter Marantette from Reserve Wine & Food to learn more about how he’s led his team in the past and how he’s preparing his team for future challenges.


Robert Niemiec, Twisthink

Twisthink is a digital strategy firm that’s in the process of moving from Holland to Grand Rapids. Robert Niemiec is excited to lead his team through that transition. Niemiec also discusses how crucial digital strategy is to building a resilient business in the digital age.


Tim Shields, Kentwood Office Furniture

Work from Home? Hybrid Work? Both of these are big shifts for West Michigan’s office furniture companies to consider. Tim Shields, the new President & CEO for Kentwood Office Furniture shares how he’s creating a company that’s resilient to changing workplace needs.


Thanks to our Podcast Sponsor, Comcast Business.

Resilience in 2023 - CEO Summit Podcast Series 1

The CEO Summit Series is sponsored by Comcast Business. Their team is helping businesses and families think about resilience with their expansion of Broadband Internet. Learn more in this podcast with their team.


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