Now Might be a Good Time to Consider a Standing Desk

Now Might be a Good Time to Consider a Standing Desk|Now Might be a Good Time to Consider a Standing Desk 1|Now Might be a Good Time to Consider a Standing Desk 2|Now Might be a Good Time to Consider a Standing Desk 3

So most of us are working from home. 

It’s a stressful time, but having to work from home presents a unique opportunity. It gives us the chance to create our ideal work-from-home setup. You don’t have to worry about bothering colleagues or feeling awkward as you pilot new equipment. You’re free to tweak, test, and decide what changes you want to implement in the office. With children or a spouse home, your setup plays a crucial role in protecting your focus. It also establishes a boundary between ‘work’ and ‘life.’ 

We’ve regained the time spent commuting. Why not spend that time looking into products to improve your setup? If you want to feel more energized and alert, consider a standing desk, to start.

Some key benefits of a standing desk 

  • Reduced back pain and related MSDs and RSIs 
  • Higher calorie burn from more active workflow 
  • Increased focus and productivity through more engaged posture
  • Higher energy levels 
  • Improved posture

The Standing Desk Team’s first piece of advice on standing desks: go height-adjustable 

Now Might be a Good Time to Consider a Standing Desk 3Now Might be a Good Time to Consider a Standing Desk 2







A height-adjustable desk will allow you to alternate between sitting and standing as comfortable. You’ll be able to build those ‘standing muscles’ gradually, and make a real change at your own pace. A fixed-height desk, on the other hand, requires that you stand 8 hours straight. You won’t be able to sit when your legs get tired, or your back gets tight. The result is often exhaustion and discouragement, leading many to throw in the towel on the whole idea.

The Standing Desk Team’s second piece of advice on standing desks: go pneumatic rather than electric

Not all height-adjustable desks are created equal. Here are 5 strong reasons why we recommend pneumatic desks over electric ones.

1. Pneumatic desks adjust 8X faster than electric desks 

As an example, the Lüften and Ändern pneumatic desks adjust in about 3 seconds while your standard electric desk adjusts in about 15. Lüften and Ändern move while you move, contributing to your flow. Slow electric desks break your focus, discouraging you from adjusting the desk as many times as needed for your workflow.

→ The Lüften and Ändern desks are Michigan-manufactured dual-column and single-column pneumatic desk designs. Check either one out at Kesseböhmer’s new b2c E-commerce site 

2. While electric desks notoriously break down, pneumatic desks are dependable and maintenance-free 

Electric desks are prone to motor burnouts and electric failures. And if the desk breaks down, you obviously can’t use it optimally if at all. Their wiring also means your next coffee spill might cause an electrical fire. On the contrary, pneumatic desks introduce no maintenance or risk of malfunction. Their lifting mechanism (pneumatics) is also more dependable, namely because it is non-complex. 

3. Electric desks make an irritating motor whine when they adjust; pneumatic desks are virtually silent 

A pneumatic desk produces almost no noise when it adjusts. If you plan to bring the desk into the office, you’ll want to keep in mind this ‘noise’ factor.

4. An electric desk’s setup and presets are complicated while pneumatic desks install in 10 minutes and are easy to adjust 

To adjust a pneumatic, you simply hold the handle as you lift the desk or push it down to reach the right height. On the Lüften and Ändern pneumatic desks, you can even adjust the handle’s tension. They also have no complicated programming that you find with an electric desk.

A pneumatic desk is also easier to install. As an idea, it takes about 10 minutes to install the Lüften or Ändern. While electric desks have an integrated power cord and cable management and require that you mount and connect your handsets, control boxes, and cables to the desk, a pneumatic’s setup is foolproof and quick. 

5. Pneumatic desks are a more economical, longer-term investment

While electric desks are apt to break down, a well-designed pneumatic desk made with commercial-grade materials can last 30 or more years. An electric desk also sucks energy 24/7 while a pneumatic is powered by air.

A standing desk: a commitment to your health — a commitment that a pneumatic desk makes easier to follow through on

Now Might be a Good Time to Consider a Standing Desk 1

Making the switch to a standing desk is a commitment for permanent, positive change, which is why it’s important to find a product that works with you — one that adjusts in rhythm with you and introduces no hurdles to changing postures. As you consider improvements to your home office, consider what a pneumatic-powered standing desk can afford you. They make for a smart, long-term investment in your health and well-being at a good time. 

To learn more about the Michigan-made Lüften and Ändern desks, check out, Kesseböhmer’s new E-commerce, b2c site. A proud Grand Rapids business, we are giving all GR Chamber of Commerce members a free cable management kit ($30 value). Just add the kit of your choice to your cart and apply the coupon code “GRChamber” when checking out.


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