Governor Whitmer Budget Town Hall

Governor Whitmer Budget Town Hall


Today Governor Gretchen Whitmer discussed her 2022 Budget Proposal with members of the Grand Rapids Chamber. In her brief presentation on her third budget proposal as governor, she covered her administration’s priority topics: putting people back to work, getting kids back in school, and building back better.  

All budgets are about values, not just numbers on a balance sheet, and this budget I think makes my values clear. We are going to equitably grow our economy by investing in our children and education expanding economic opportunity, safeguarding public health, backing essential infrastructure projects and clean energy initiatives, and protecting the environment,” said Governor Whitmer. “I look forward to passing this budget and delivering for the people of our state.” 

The Governor’s budget proposal includes top-line item on the Chamber’s priority list – $370 million investment in child care helping parents continue working or return to the workforceIt specifically bumps the investment in the Chamber-developed Tri Share Pilot Program from $1 million to $2.2 million in the fiscal year 2022.  

The ability to ramp back up and get people back to work is contingent on our ability to get those working parents the resources and opportunities that they need for their kids to have some early learning opportunities and child care.”  

Other topics addressed during the Q&A portion moderated by Chamber President & CEO, Rick Baker, included federal funding impact on the state’s budget, MDHHS guidelines for reopening shuttered business, talent program tracking such as Future for FrontlinersMichigan ReConnect, and Going Pro Talent Fund, and the ability to work together with the legislature to have this proposal passed. 

The Governor left Chamber members with the note that the budget is about Michigan and its recovery. “In this budget, we focused on the fundamentals. There is no partisan vent to it. It’s about getting things done and getting our economy back on track.”  

Watch the full town hall here. 


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