Introducing the 2022 Health Care & Human Resources Summit

2022 Health Care and Human Resources Summit 4

What’s New for 2022

The 2022 Health Care and Human Resources Summit will dissect the state of our health care system through a business lens and expand on previous topics to include the latest information on hiring, health care, wages, benefits, and more.

As employers struggle to navigate the never-ending talent crisis, the Grand Rapids Chamber is committed to keeping our members updated with the latest information and help business leaders navigate staffing and capacity issues in this ever-changing environment.

It’s the Chamber’s intent to offer solutions and answers to some of the most pressing questions our members are facing, whether you’re in the health care industry or not. If you hire people and/or pay for healthcare, this event is for you and your business.


A Fresh Face

Previously titled “Health Care Summit”, the event has been renamed to “Health Care and Human Resources Summit” in 2022 to reflect the expansion of topics covered.

The topics for the 2022 summit were selected by the Grand Rapids Chamber’s Health Care and Human Resources Committee, which met to determine critical topics relating to health care and HR that are member-driven.


Preview the Topics

  • The event will kick off with a “data download” — a presentation on where wages and benefits stand for West Michigan businesses.
  • This will be followed by a discussion on workplace benefits (health care and otherwise), how they have changed in this environment, and where they might be headed.
  • Continuing the topic of talent, we’re going to be talking about talent and the role that New Americans play in our workforce, particularly in health care.
  • We’ll be discussing recent innovations and meeting entrepreneurs who have made great strides during the uncertainty of the pandemic and learning how these new ideas will impact other business leaders.
  • We’re covering one of the toughest topics of 2022: the increased stress and burnout as a result of the talent shortage and pandemic. Experts will discuss how employers can midigate these issues, boost morale, and best care for our employees — our greatest asset.
  • And finally, the latest information will be presented on where we stand with the pandemic, the next steps for public health, and how social determinants can impact your workforce.


Can’t Wait?

Register now for the 2022 Health Care and Human Resources Summit! Join us Tuesday, March 22 from 7:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. to explore the latest trends in health care, workplace benefits, cost-saving solutions, and more.

Don’t forget to stay tuned to our Chamber communications to get the first full look at our speaker lineup and more.


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