Is Threads Dead? – What Business Owners Need to Know

Short Answer: Yes.

The “Should we be on Threads?” question flooded into marketing departments earlier this summer when Meta launched the Twitter competitor.

With Twitter’s future uncertain as new owner Elon Musk takes it in a different direction, many saw the launch of Threads as an opportunity to jump to a new platform with more stability.

Should you make a Threads account for your company? Here’s 3 things to think about:


Threads Traffic Has Tanked, Twitter Traffic Has Not

Threads traffic on July 31st was around 8 million users, down 85% from its initial launch on July 5. Those users are spending less time on the app too, just 2.6 minutes per day on average. Meanwhile, Twitter’s traffic has remained steady at around 237 million users per day.

If you have a consistent following on Twitter, chances are they’re still active on the site versus the dwindling Threads user base.


Your Username is Saved, There’s No Rush

Your Threads account is tied to your Instagram account, making it a simple process to sign up. Because your account is tied to your already existing Instagram, your username can’t be taken.

In fact, there’s no way to change a Threads username at the moment. So, if down the road you wanted to invest the time into Threads, but it doesn’t make sense for you right now, there’s no rush.


The App is Basic and Conversations are Lacking

The Threads app was launched quickly to take advantage of a turbulent time for Twitter. By doing this, Meta looked over a lot of important features like a trending tab, direct messages, and advertising opportunities like sponsored posts.

While many of these features may be coming soon, they make it hard for users and advertisers alike to get the most out of the app. This in part has lead to individual “threads” lacking many replies and conversation on the app altogether being slim.


The Bottom Line: 

Meta’s quest to unseat Twitter failed. With traffic down 85% and Twitter’s user base still loyal, there’s no reason to take valuable time away from your other social media networks to pursue Threads.

It’s better to focus on a few social media networks and doing them well, versus spreading your resources thin.


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