Know Your Vote: What’s on the Ballot this Nov. 8

Know Your Vote: What's on the Ballot this Nov. 8

Voting has begun for the November election: Find out what is on your ballot & make a plan to vote.

Election Day takes place on Tuesday, November 8th 2022, but voting is already well underway. Several races are on the ballot including Michigan Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, the Michigan Legislature, U.S. Congress, and local races, among others.

In addition to candidate elections, three state-wide proposals are on the ballot that address a wide range of issues from term limits, voting and abortion.

Know what’s on the ballot and find your voter information below!

PROPOSAL 1 – Term Limits & Financial Disclosure Requirements

This proposal seeks to amend Michigan’s term-limits to a max of 12 years, which can be served in either the House or Senate. The current law provides for a total of 14 years (a max of six years in the House, and eight years in the Senate).

The Grand Rapids Chamber supports Prop 1 along with the Michigan Chamber, Business Leaders for Michigan, the League of Women Voters, Michigan AFL-CIO among others. View the full endorsements HERE 

Read more about Proposal 1 HERE.

PROPOSAL 2 – Promote the Vote

If passed, this proposal would transform elections and absentee voting. New election processes would require nine days of early voting, state-funded postage to be included on absentee applications & ballots, and ballot drop boxes to be located in every municipality of 15,000 voters or more. This proposal would also require post-election audits to be conducted only by state/local officials, in addition to allowing public sources and charities to fund elections.

Read more about Proposal 2 HERE.

 PROPOSAL 3 – Right to Reproductive Freedom

This proposal would codify into state law that “every individual” has a “fundamental right to reproductive freedom”. It would allow elected officials to regulate abortion at viability generally around 23 to 24 weeks (unless it’s to protect the life or physical or mental health of the pregnant individual). The state would only be allowed to regulate abortion when “justified by a compelling state interest achieved by the least restrictive means”. Finally, it would prohibit penalizing an individual based on potential, perceived or alleged pregnancy outcomes.

Read more about Proposal 3 HERE.

Find Your Registration Status and Election Day Details

Visit the Michigan Voter Information Center HERE to:  

  • View your registration status  
  • Find your voting location  
  • Preview a sample ballot  

You can still request absentee ballots, but it is suggested to return them no later than Tuesday, October 25 to allow for mail delays. You can also drop them off in-person through Tuesday, November 8th by locating a drop box through the information center above.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to Nate Henschel, Director of Government Affairs, at  


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