Lansing Update: Budget First, Policy Next 

Focus in Lansing is shifting to the budget process, but we are still tracking the newly introduced legislation below and the impact it will have on business.  

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Buildings (SB274) – This bill requires the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to develop a written strategic plan 

  • The plan would provide guidance on zero greenhouse gas emissions for ALL new buildings beginning in 2026 and emissions reductions in renovation projects.  
  • It also requires the promotion of payment of prevailing wage rates to workers. 

Creates Clean Fuels Standard (SB275) This bill requires the carbon intensity of all transportation fuel produced or imported for use in this state to be reduced to at least 25% below the 2019 baseline level by the end of 2035.  

Establishing Water Management Districts (HB4382 & 4383) – These bills are returning from last session and would allow for the creation of water management districts, plans, and commissions created through a citizen petition of 50 signatures or through other avenues.  

  • These commissions would have the ability to use eminent domain and levy special assessments to create new activities including studies, stormwater education, maintenance and construction.  

If you would like to provide feedback or have questions, please contact 


Previously engaged bills that moved last week: 

Oppose the elimination of the requirement that a department director must find a clear and convincing need for regulations to exceed related federal standards. Passed through committee, moved to house floor.  

Oppose amending the use of school sinking funds under the Revised School Code to allow sinking fund millages to be levied for the purchase of school buses – a non-capital purchase. This expands the use of sinking funds and goes against the intent of Proposal A, which aimed to reduce the reliance on property taxes overall and close the spending gap between school districts.  Passed the House and returned to the Senate.   


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