Leadership Grand Rapids Drives Community Change

Leadership Grand Rapids Drives Community Change|Leadership Grand Rapids Drives Community Change 1

For more than 30 years, Leadership Grand Rapids (LGR) has been proudly operating in the Grand Rapids community. Every year, this one-of-a-kind program gathers 40 community trustees to participate in intense leadership training, focused on systems-level change and working together to tackle issues facing our community. Each class graduates with a community-focused mindset and a dedication to fostering a thriving and prosperous West Michigan for all.

Participants are hand-picked to span a diverse network of backgrounds, specializations, and industries to bring together a group that is uniquely special and capable of confronting complex problems from all directions. Applications for the Leadership Grand Rapids Class of 2024 are open now!

What it looks like:

Through monthly, full-day sessions focusing on key community issues and topics, participants have a chance to deepen their understanding of our community and develop the broad and inclusive mindset needed for community stewardship from a systems perspective.

The goal:

Leadership Grand Rapids Drives Community Change 1LGR serves to create a network of community trustees who act on the need, the desire, and the ambition to work for the common good and serve the primary needs of others by holding our community in trust. Ultimately, we’ll drive systems-level change to create a thriving and prosperous West Michigan for all.

Apply now:

Written applications are open through April 28. Apply here to take your leadership and community impact to the next level.

What alumni say about the program: 

“LGR opened me up to blind spots I had to help me navigate the world and work better. LGR allowed me to make connections I wouldn’t have ever imagined possible and understand their lived experiences. I’m able to support individuals in my cohort with volunteerism and the organizations they serve.”

– Jason Loepp, LGR ‘21


“Leadership Grand Rapids is the best thing I’ve done professionally. Learning more about my leadership style, the greater Grand Rapids community, and systems thinking has helped me ask better questions and has widened my perspective.”

– Michael Saliba Loughman, LGR ‘15


“Leadership Grand Rapids was an outstanding experience that accelerated my ability to find causes & organizations that I could serve & support. Having lived outside the area for nearly 20 years, the program helped me gain new perspectives on my hometown through both personal connections and informative day sessions. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to serve as a community trustee with nearly immediate impact.”

Drew Wessell, LGR ’17


“The LGR program was one of the most beneficial outcomes in my career.  Developing a deeper understanding of what I didn’t know, reestablished the lens in which I view the systems in our community.  I highly recommend this program for anyone that can strip themselves of their preconceived notions and are ready for new viewpoints.”

Jeff Karger, LGR ‘16


Find more information about the program here. Still have questions? Reach out to Monica Mendez, Director of Talent & Leadership Programs.


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