Discover the Power of One

Discover the Power of One

As intricate as today’s construction projects have become, one thing is for certain—they will only become more so in the future. Here’s how Lee’s Power of One concept benefits our customers.

What’s the Power of One?  It’s a true summary of how Lee does business. Good intentions are fine, but you need power to put those intentions to work. Where does that power come from? At Lee Contracting, the power comes from that little word “one”. That simple word summarizes our strengths and empowers our work every day.

One plan

Every project has a master plan and contract that details the design, construction process and materials required to complete the work. But breaking that information into multiple agreements and then distributing that information across numerous subcontractors (and often their subs) invites misunderstandings that can lead to delays, errors and expensive change orders.

Working with a single-source contractor, like Lee Contracting, eliminates the potential confusion of multiple contracts, budgets, invoices and payment trails required to cover the many subcontracted phases of a project.

One partner

As the industry’s only true single-source, self-performing contractor, we don’t have to go outside for any phase of a project. Lee’s turn-key capability delivers:

  • Controlled costs. Because we control your job through the shared economy of manpower and equipment across multiple trades, we ensure budgets are adhered to from project quote through execution.
  • Accelerated timelines. We’re able to mobilize rapidly and accommodate tight timelines because we have all labor and equipment resources in-house.
  • Minimal operations impact. Our experience and expertise enables us to work around running production lines, during shutdowns or on schedules customized to your needs. We guarantee minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

One vision

The subcontractor model introduces a disorganized mix of opinions about how things should be done. With Lee’s vast experience, when we sit down to think about the best way to perform your work, we do so with a shared mindset. Our planning and execution activities are informed by a collective understanding of best practices built on years of working together to deliver successful projects.

Lee also understands the benefits of value engineering (VE). For years, Lee has implemented VE practices to every phase of the work, delivering solutions customers tell us they would never have considered. Our reputation for value engineering means many customers do nothing more than tell us what they want and trust us to devise the most efficient, cost-effect way to accomplish their goal.

One point of communication

Industrial construction projects can live or die on communications. You know the paper chase involved with projects; the time wasted trying to locate critical project data or that last email from one of your subs. Fifty-two percent of rework is a result of poor project data and miscommunication, according to a study from consulting firm FMI Corporation and PlanGrid.

With a single, full-time project manager, stakeholders’ requests, questions and concerns can be addressed with speed and efficiency. Because we self-perform every phase of the work, your project manager knows what is happening and what is going to happen at any given moment across the entire project lifecycle. This greatly simplifies the communications process and eliminates miscommunications, one of the top sources of project problems and delays.

One workflow

Engaging multiple subcontractors complicates the flow of work in a project. Will the walls be ready for electrical installations when your electrical subs show up to work? Will process piping be rerouted in time to set the new machine when the subcontracted rigging team arrives? A single-source contractor removes the worry of coordinating the flow of work by self-performing every phase of the work in-house.

One team

Cross-training is a hallmark of Lee’s workforce. That means the work continues to move forward because our crew members are trained to move seamlessly from one specialty to another with skill and expertise. From excavation to hand-off and all points in between, we have the resources under one roof to complete any project.

One plan. Controlled costs. Accelerated timelines. Minimal operations impact. Simplified workflows. A single point of contact from start to finish. That’s a winning combination for any heavy industrial project.

You’ve got enough complexity in your life. Put Lee’s Power of One to work on your next project and see the difference we make.


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