Senate Bill 943 to Support Worst Hurt Industries

Re: Sign SB 943 to support worst hurt industries

Dear Governor Whitmer,

We write to ask you sign Senate Bill 943, to waive fees, fines and penalties on unpaid summer 2020 property taxes for the worst hurt and most restricted businesses.

Over the past nine months, our community has rallied together to mitigate the health and economic impact of the pandemic, support struggling businesses and residents to set the foundation for the strong recovery and a brighter future.

The recent three-week pause, and its extension, enacted to slow the alarming increase in COVID-19 cases have further deteriorated the survivability of many of the businesses in West Michigan.

We are concerned over the future of businesses that shape the core and drive the vibrancy of our downtown and commercial corridors: concert, events and sports venues, theaters, restaurants and more.

These are the places that people gather and share experiences together, they are a key part of the identity and fabric of our community. Their presence has an important ripple effect and supports the success of many other businesses around them.

The road ahead of them remains long and treacherous. We will work to encourage further support for these venues at the local, state and federal level so they can continue their significant contributions to our culture and our citizens.

Your approval of this legislation will give these businesses a fresh start and some relief on the taxes they could not pay while closed by government order to protect the public health. It is a critical tool to immediately provide relief.

We believe this legislation is in alignment with your goals to further support small businesses and those impacted by the emergency orders. We urge you to help our community by signing Senate Bill 943.

Thank you for your consideration.


Rick Baker                                                                    Rosalynn Bliss
President & CEO                                                            Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids Chamber                                                City of Grand Rapids


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