Tech Defenders – Sell Your Used IT Equipment & Help Solve Important Issues

Tech Defenders - Sell Your Used IT Equipment & Help Solve Important Issues

With technology prices increasing, it is becoming more and more challenging every year for individuals to stay up to date on the latest and greatest pieces of technology, or even to own a piece of technology at all. Today, living in a virtual world where the digital connection is essential,  it can be especially challenging for those who believe they cannot afford the latest technology. That is where Tech Defenders comes in. Tech Defenders is a Grand Rapids-based company whose mission is to close the digital divide, reduce e-waste, and now, partner with the Grand Rapids Chamber to support leadership development.

How it works: Once consumers no longer use a specific piece of technology, such as a cell phone, tablet, or computer, they can call Tech Defenders and receive a free quote of its turn-in value over the phone. From there, Tech Defenders will retrieve the items and send payment within 60 days, guaranteed. The technology items can be in any condition, as Tech Defenders reviews and refurbishes technology of all conditions. Not only do they strive to pay out the maximum value for the technology donated, but they also try to resell the products at low prices, so that they are affordable and accessible to everyone. They also look to partner with schools and organizations that may need mass amounts of technology, but have not been able to afford it.

In addition to supporting the environment and helping organizations strive toward greater cost-savings, Tech Defenders is now partnering with the Grand Rapids Chamber, as they work to donate a portion of their proceeds to help cultivate leadership development in the Grand Rapids area. Tech Defenders’ continued goal is to partner with companies that have mass amounts of technology that they are ready to recycle, in hopes that they can refurbish that technology and provide it to schools and individuals that need it most during this continued virtual, remote environment. Support your local Chamber, and others, by donating your old phones, tablets, and laptops to Tech Defenders today.


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