What’s in Store for 2024

2024 is cracking up to be a big year. From major constructions projects in to big industry trends, here’s what to keep an eye out for in Grand Rapids 2024.


14 Major Laws Go Into Effect

14 key new laws will go into effect in Michigan this year, including:

  • Michigan’s minimum wage rises to $10.33/hour
  • Individual income tax rises to 4.25%
  • Anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people are codified into law
  • Right-to-work is repealed, meaning private-sector unions can require workers to join or support a union

Read the full rundown on incoming legislation in 2024 from Crain’s Grand Rapids Business.


Construction Begins on the Acrisure Amphitheater

Grand Rapids, Kent County, the Convention and Arena Authority, and Grand Action 2.0 are bringing an amphitheater to the banks of the Grand River.

Schematic designs are being finalized by Progressive AE, the executive architect on the project, and construction is projected to start this spring.

When construction is complete, the venue expects to host 54 ticketed performances and more than 300,000 visitors per season.


AI Envelops Everything

AI continues to push into every industry and workplace. Specialized firms in Grand Rapids are influencing the landscape and helping other organizations get up to speed with implementing AI.

Shawn Crowley, Co-CEO at software development firm Atomic Object stated:

“It was a huge trend last year, and you’re going to see AI trends through the coming year. If you’re not already integrating AI, you’re already behind. The tools are so accessible, and the tech literacy to integrate them into your workflows is so attainable.”

Learn about AI at our next workshop, Artificial Intelligence for Business, on February 20.


Grand Rapids Meets its New Mayor Amid Major Elections

2024 is a historic election year in the City of Grand Rapids, because for the first-time, city, state and national elections are aligned.

This November, Grand Rapids will select a new mayor as Rosalynn Bliss’s term ends. Mayoral candidates, Senita Lenear and David LaGrand will be on the ballot. Get a first glimpse of their campaigns at the Grand Rapids Policy Conference on April 16.

Meanwhile, the Michigan State House is split 54-54, and special elections are thrown into the mix while Detroit redraws its districts.

Plus, the Presidential Primary is only a few weeks away on February 27th. Stay in-the-know by visiting the city’s election info page.


Demand for Housing Continues to Rise

Housing demand isn’t slowing down in 2024, and community leaders are continuing to take strides in solving the housing crisis.

New legislation and development are being pushed forward to alleviate the stretch, with a focus on walkable, amenity rich neighborhoods that use space effectively.


Dept. of State Launches Green and White License Plates

Starting January 27, Michiganders can show support for their favorite college sports team with a new license plate.

The Michigan Department of State is releasing a green and white “Water Wonderland” plate, a complement to the blue and yellow version that was released in 2021.

The new plate is inspired by a 1963 design, and is being released in 2023 to paying tribute to the 60-year anniversary of the Detroit Walk to Freedom led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and UAW President, Walter Reuther.

Residents will be able to order the new Water Wonderland license plate online at or when purchasing a vehicle through a dealership.


Lyon Street Riverwalk Set to be Completed

Activating the space along the Grand River has prompted many different projects, the first being a pedestrian-focused park and plaza off of Lyon Street NW.

Construction began in November 2023, and the project is set to be completed in November of 2024.

Plans include removing existing road, sidewalk, curb and amphitheater areas to create a more modern and pedestrian-focused public plaza.


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