Latesha A. Lipscomb, JD

Director of Engagement & Relationships
Amplify GR

About Me

Latesha Lipscomb is a Grand Rapids native who has a passion for working to better the lives of the city’s urban residents. Latesha previously served as the Community Engagement Project Manager, facilitating the Heartside Quality of Life Study for the City of Grand Rapids Planning Department. Latesha also held past roles with organizations such as the Grand Rapids African American Health Institute and the Inner-City Christian Federation, where she tirelessly advocated for those with quieter or muted voices in the city’s most vulnerable communities.

Latesha is a graduate of Boston College where she studied Political Science and maintained a focus study in Faith, Peace & Justice. She studied American Government and Public Speaking through Junior Statesmen of America at Yale University and went on to graduate from Boston College Law School in 2005.

Ms. Lipscomb adheres to the Jesuit ideal of “service to all mankind” and describes Community Engagement as her “purpose-driven life”.

You can also find Ms. Lipscomb serving on several local boards and committees. Through these assorted collaborations with local groups, Latesha’s body of work is a shining example what authentic community partnership looks like and what everyday people can achieve when supported by a champion. Latesha loves to curate experiences for audiences and takes pride in hosting events that are empowering and uplifting for women in transition and teen girls.

Latesha was a 2023 ATHENA Awards Finalist and a 2024 GIANT Award Recipient. She is girl power in the flesh and firmly believes that the future is female!