Ana Ramírez-Sáenz

Founder & CEO
La Fuente Consulting
Headshot of Ana Ramírez-Sáenz
Headshot of Ana Ramírez-Sáenz

About Me

Ana Ramirez-Sáenz, founder and CEO of La Fuente Consulting, a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultancy, is on a mission to bridge cultures and simplify communication in the workplace, community, and personal spaces. By following the guiding principle of fostering an open, positive, and respectful culture where all are valued and able to contribute to their full potential, Ana guides her clients through cultural transformation processes that enable equitable and welcoming work environments.

Early in her corporate lending career, (MBA Finance), through engagement in discussions and committees that focused on increasing diversity, she soon found her passion for fostering equity/ inclusion in the workplace. Ana continued to be intimately involved advancing the DEI work within her profession until she left a thriving career to establish La Fuente Consulting in 2000.

Her over 20 years of practical, hands-on real-world experience has transformed her into a thought leader in the field diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). As a management consultant, strategist, executive coach, and learning and development professional, her Listen, Learn and Lead approach makes Ana a sought-after partner and trusted advisor.

Highly experienced in formulating and implementing strategic, enterprise-wide DEI initiatives, Ana helps organizations navigate the complexities of engaging in a DEI journey. She helps them answer some of their most salient questions such as, how do we create an inclusive environment where all individuals are accepted and celebrated? How can my organization implement retention strategies for a diverse, talented workforce?

Ana is an engaging bilingual and bicultural facilitator who has delivered programs in English and Spanish for thousands of participants from the shop floor to the board room across North America for an array of industries including healthcare, financial and professional services, construction, manufacturing, retail, technology, and education.