Brianne Hubbard-Ross (She/Her)

Spoken Word Artist

About Me

Brianne Hubbard-Ross (Bri) came to GR in 2013 after finishing her bachelor’s degree at Michigan State University. She became immersed in the spoken word community by taking her chances on The Drunken Retort Stage in 2013 and has since gone on to perform at several GR events including The Grand Rapids Pride Festival 2019, Oddball at the UICA, Black Girls Be Like Film Release Party, and others. She co-hosted a Best of The West Award- winning open mic show, Creston Vibes: Open Sessions alongside current Grand Rapids Poet Laureate, Ericka ‘Kyd Kane’ Thompson. Bri is also the voice of Grand Rapids Walk Tours installation, Rad Women. These days you can find her spending most of her time on her favorite hobby, cooking for her loved ones and watching/talking football…constantly.