Dan Ribbens

Payload CMS

About Me

As a native of Grand Rapids, Dan Ribbens has used his background as a senior software engineer to co-found Payload, currently the fastest-growing open-source CMS and application framework. After earning his Masters degree in Computer Science degree from GVSU, Dan spent a decade gaining consulting experience. This background has made his contributions pivotal in shaping Payload’s architecture and developer ecosystem.

In 2022, Dan’s founding team earned a coveted spot in the Y Combinator startup accelerator in Silicon Valley, earning an audience of early investors and adopters. Payload is now used in production by industry giants such as Microsoft, Disney, and Salesforce, and local companies including Tekton and Hope Network.

Dan spends most days managing a community of over 200 open-source contributors, planning and coding new features. When not at home with his young family, he enjoys speaking at conferences and making podcast appearances to inspire other entrepreneurs. He advocates for the potential of startups in West Michigan to rival those in traditional tech hubs like Silicon Valley.