Emily Smith

Manager, DEI Learning & Development
Corewell Health

About Me

Emily Smith is a globally focused, locally engaged, cultural intelligence and intercultural educator, designer and strategic DEI professional. As the Manager of DEI Learning & Development at Corewell Health, Emily is an inclusive and effective educator and cross-cultural navigator who leverages these aptitudes to advance learning and development, build relationships, advance social impact through DEI initiatives, and further the work of equity, diversity, and inclusion through a culturally intelligent and human-centered lens.

Emily has extensive experience across multiple disciplines in intercultural curriculum and content design, program management, impactful community engagement, and effective cultural intelligence and DEI facilitation and implementation. Her experiences have been centered around healthcare, large international scientific organizations, French translation and Cultural Intelligence consulting, foreign and world affairs, business, and large integrated health systems. As an empathic leader, systems thinker, and life-long learner, Emily is driven to make the world more just, equitable, and inclusive with each interaction.