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Headshot of Erin Fisk

About Me

Erin Fisk, LMSW, is the founder of Fisk Solutions, a consulting group committed to simplifying great team health and culture. Erin’s work is rooted at the intersection of humanity and business, listening to the brilliance in the room of skilled team members and using that collective knowledge to drive change in employee engagement, productivity, and personal wellbeing. Erin is passionate about vulnerable, candid conversations often kept in the shadows of what we “do and don’t” talk about at work. Bravely and confidentially exploring employee experiences, summarizing unmet needs and targeting interventions at these friction points will transform average companies into industry leaders. Erin is an engaging, enthusiastic speaker who normalizes authenticity by example. She’s an experienced partner to Fortune 500 global corporations, non-profits, and every day people striving to feel better.