Isabel López-Slattery

Isabel Media Studio

About Me

Isabel López Slattery is an award-winning entrepreneur, but her path to success was not without challenges. At the age of 10, she relocated with her family from Mexico City to Michigan as undocumented immigrants, a fact she only discovered when applying to attend a local university. Undeterred, she started a business that would later become Isabel Media Studios, originally known as Dreams by Bella Photography.

Isabel pursued her passion by earning two degrees from Western Michigan University in media communications and Spanish literature, with a goal to delve into journalism and explore her heritage. In 2019, she proudly became a U.S. Citizen. During these transformative years, Isabel’s determination grew exponentially, fueled by her deep passion for photography and the shaping of her future trajectory.

After years of unwavering dedication, Isabel achieved remarkable milestones in her photography career. She became the first woman to photograph notable political campaigns for a current state representative and the first Latina city commissioner in Grand Rapids’ 2nd ward. Additionally, she broke barriers as the first woman to photograph a cover shoot for a prominent women’s magazine in Michigan. Her photography portfolio boasts collaborations with numerous businesses and organizations in the West Michigan area. Her work has been featured in various influential editorial publications and prominent advertising campaigns across the region.

In the face of adversity, Isabel’s determination to thrive was unwavering. Her incredible track record of accomplishments has made her a role model in both Latin and West Michigan communities.