Jacey Shachter

Founder & President
Metric Structures

About Me

Jacey is the Founder and President of Metric Structures. With a background in development and construction, Jacey founded Metric Structures in 2017 after several years working in the construction and development industry in Boulder, CO.

She is a Grand Rapids native and has a passion for incremental development and construction management. She hopes that Metric and others can challenge the status quo and help our industry be more relationship driven, collaborative and efficient.

After College at the University of Colorado, Shachter was introduced to the construction industry at a small design-build firm in Boulder where she worked as project lead for several years.

“I fell into the construction industry in 2014 when I was finishing college at the University of Colorado. Although I wasn’t formally trained in the field, I was truly inspired by the vastness and versatility of the industry. After a few years working at a firm in Boulder that did development, design, and construction. I went on to consult with developers and construction companies across the state of Colorado until I moved back to my home state of Michigan in 2018, to found Metric Structures. “


Jacey and her team at Metric work on projects in every sector, from industrial to multi-family to custom residential. Their passion for community driven projects is essential to what they do and they love seeing the West Michigan built environment evolve.