Jeremy Burgin

Nationwide Software Solutions

About Me

Jeremy Burgin is a dedicated leader driven by his faith and commitment to creating opportunities for others to grow and thrive. With a deep passion for making a positive impact, Jeremy has built a reputation for his servant leadership and genuine love for people in the Grand Rapids community and beyond.

As an owner of a portfolio of over 15 companies, Jeremy is an accomplished entrepreneur. His ability to connect with people from various backgrounds has proven invaluable in his diverse ventures, which include software development, business consulting, forex, athletics, NIL, real estate, online gaming and more. Jeremy’s strategic approach to challenges emphasizes relationships, innovation, and drive, recognizing the importance of collaboration and community involvement in achieving real impact.

In 2019, Jeremy co-founded Swish Athletic Club alongside his friend and former NBA prospect, Kei Madison. This youth AAU basketball organization was born out of Jeremy’s desire to engage with and support young athletes and their families. Through this venture, he identified the needs of the community and founded The Village99, where he serves on the board, driven by his sincere compassion to aid those in need.

Jeremy is known as a visionary and a man of action, guided by his faith and the belief that nothing is impossible with determination. He draws inspiration from Matthew 17:20-21, motivating others to embrace the power of faith: “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, […] nothing will be impossible for you.”