Will McDermott

Chief Strategy Officer
LaFleur Marketing

About Me

I love helping leaders create and realize their plans for growth. As a business designer and creative strategist, I have a passion for problem-solving and storytelling. My process uses combines a human-centered point of view and design thinking skills for empathetic understanding. In addition, I use strategic frameworks and data analysis for validation. I’ve repositioned companies competitive where to play, developed go-to-market strategies for every size business, and improved sales strategies within Fortune 1000s.

I have helped to solve several problems, including projects for Steelcase, Colgate-Palmolive, Victoria’s Secret, Diesel, Godiva, Deloitte, Audible, Bath&Body Works, Humana, People, Field & Stream, Men’s Fitness, Entertainment Weekly, Reader’s Digest, Levi’s, Crowe, American Folk Art Museum, Impractical Jokers and over 125 other businesses in my career.