Braden Wiener

Executive Assistant & Board Liaison

(616) 304-8099

About Me

Braden Wiener joined the OppFund Team in February 2022 as an Executive Assistant in our Lansing office. He is a Political Science graduate of Michigan State University’s College of Social Science, with a minor in International Development. As an undergraduate student, he worked with many advocacy and non-profit organizations focused on a diverse array of issues including environmentalism, access to clean drinking water, refugee resettlement, and community development. Since his graduation in 2020, he has worked for a Michigan-based non-profit in their Transitional Foster Care program for refugee youth. In that role, he consistently advocated for the well-being of each and every client. Braden is passionate about addressing issues of inequality and poverty. In addition to his professional endeavors, he has participated in charitable efforts in both Costa Rica and Tanzania.